Ford Mondeo Mk4.5 tips

use on your own responsibility


  • test mode – turn off engine, press and hold “OK” button on stiring wheel and turn on the car (don’t start). Use up/down buttons.
  • quick navigate from anywhere to the top menu – press and hold “left” button

Sony mp3 radio

  • station test – turn on “radio”, press & hold “1” & “4” simultaneously, use “up”/”down” for switch screens, “off” to exit
  • radio information – turn on “radio”, press & hold “1” & “6”
  • radio & speaker test – turn on “radio”, press & hold “3” & “6” simultaneously or with “4” & “TA” buttons


  • reset oil change indicator – close all doors, turn on the car (don’t start). Press & hold brake & accelerator pedal for a minimum of 15 seconds. Oil change indicator will turn off.
  • change locking/unlocking doors mode – press & hold lock&unlock buttons on your remote control for 5secs to enable/disable double unlocking (unlock driver’s door and then others). Car will blink as a confirmation.

“turn on the car” = press start/stop button without a brake or switch the ignition to II. position

One thought on “Ford Mondeo Mk4.5 tips

  1. Can you reset the ‘Check front left Tyre’ message the same way as the oil change indicator ?

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