ATtiny13 – Hello World! :)

Finally managed to get into AVR programming. Using OSX, which I found as the worst platform for doing any kind of embed programming :( Sad. Anyway, there’s my first ATtiny schematics and code. I’m using AVR Dragon to flash code into the MCU.


The circuit is quite simple. I just confirm SPI flashing works and I’m able to turn the LED on. So here’s some code (using avr-gcc to compile and avrdure to upload). Create new project using avr-project and add this to main.c file:

Now we can compile the firmware and upload to our MCU.

No errors. Great. Connect AVR Dragon and upload our new firmware:


For those, interested in .hex file – this is how it looks like:

and I made some commented assembler output (base is taken from avr-objdump -S main.elf).


Blink LED2 – LPC1769

LPCXpresso finally beaten. Installed new v5, imported all the CMSIS needed and setup brand new, my very first, MCU example code :) I’m using LPC1769 sample board from Embedded Artists.

and the same in assembler (from