About me


Enthusiastic senior software developer with expertise in Ruby on Rails and other programming languages and frameworks.

I’m developing software professionally since 1998. I work mostly in Ruby on Rails (since 2006) but also extending my skills set into iOS development. Choosen Ruby and Ruby on Rails for it’s code cleanliness, fast development and active community. Like DRY concept. I’ve worked with both small agile startup companies and large companies.

My professional timeline

03/2016 – present

– secret –

2013 – 02/2016

Replay Gaming Ltd, London. Telecommute. Online gaming – free poker site.

Member of ReplayPoker.com development team as senior RoR developer.

Built whole new infrastructure from the old one, including database servers wih replication and vackups, web application servers, server backups, load balancers with failover, rabbitmq etc (including maintenance). Development of both frontend webapp, backend stuff and multithreaded poker server. I’ve set comprehensive app & infrastructure monitoring, based on graphite, statsd, grafana and elasticsearch.

Technologies used: RoR, capistrano, MySQL, SSL, javascript, Git, rspec, API, JSON, XML, threads, nginx, haproxy, slave database and read only env, jquery, elasticsearch, fluentd, graphite, grafana, cabot, redis, redis sentinel, sidekiq

Still using BBS :)

Started to convert all of my apps and any further development for iOS to RubyMotion. Wrote few gems for RM and continuing to explore its abilities and work more with it.


Review of Getting started with Flurry analytics book by Packt publishing.

See Amazon or Packt publishing


Advertile Mobile, Berlin. Telecommute.

AppBounty application allows users to earn virtual credits by completing offers, mostly downloading mobile appli- cation and running it. Virtual credits then can be exchanged for real value coupons – eg. iTunes giftcards and re- deemed (www.appbounty.net).

I helped to create AppBounty prototype application. Did OTA enrollment gem to authenticate mobile user with his UDID, and prepared several gems for fetching offers from offer providers.

  • AppBounty.net application prototyping (RoR)
  • iOS OTA Enrollment configuration application

Technologies used: RoR, iOS, capistrano, MySQL, SSL, javascript, Git, testunit, capybara, API, JSON, XML, Gems, nginx, bootstrap, jquery, jquery-mobile


Sourcebits, Bangalore/San Francisco. Telecommute.

Sourcebits is a software development company. Created more than 500 mobile applications, is focused to deliver custom mobile, web and cloud applications (www.sourcebits.com).

Assigned to a small team refactoring old PHP application to Ruby on Rails. At the end I was working alone on this app, created rich REST API (json) interface to share data between native iOS application and web backend. Whilst working on this, I was assigned to another team. Worked then on Conover – MECA (age-appropriate transition, career exploration, career assessment and vocational assessment system related to training, education and employment). Started with node.js. Was responsible to meet client and try to fulfill his requests.

  • telecommute/remote job
  • both front & backend RoR programming, including REST JSON API for iOS devices
  • agile development (teams in Bangalore, India and San Francisco, CA)
  • working on various projects (whyzz.com, conovercompany.com – MECA)
  • fair NoSQL experience (MongoDB)

Technologies used: RoR, node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, redis, RabbitMQ, Pivotal tracker, JIRA, Basecamp, Git, jQuery, rspec, cucumber, capybara, selenium, RESP API, JSON, XML, haml, sass, less, erb

2010 – 2012

Fyber (formerly SponsorPay), Berlin. Partially telecommute.

SponsorPay is a value-exchange advertising platform providing high-quality brand engagement for advertisers and driving user acquisition as well as content monetization for publishers of mobile and social apps (www.sponsorpay.com).

Worked on video advertisement BrandEngage platform (for both desktop and mobile browsers), integrated fraud protection mechanism, developed various parts of frontend and backend applications for SponsorPays Offerwall. I taught myself how to avoid bottlenecks on high load and traffic site, think in advance about every database change and finally started with Backbone and Jasmine testing.

  • partially telecommuting (was onsite for sprint planning weeks)
  • high traffic applications
  • both front & backend developer, including JS (Backbone, jQuery, used for widgets)
  • antifraud & fingerprinting mechanism
  • video advertisement implementation, VAST

Technologies used: RoR, MySQL, redis, testunit, Jasmine, Selenium, cucumber, capybara, javascript, Backbone, jQuery, jQuery-mobile, coffeescript, DataMapper, memcache, VAST, ThreatMetrix, Iovation, Pivotal tracker, Git, REST API, JSON, Gem, aws/s3, haml, sass, less, erb

2009 – 2010

Quimron, Stuttgart. Telecommute.

Quimron is a software and media design company. Released 100 mobile applications in 15 months. (www.quimron.com)

Was a part of TikkTakk team. Refactored old RoR v2 code to the new RoR v3 and added new features. Learnt hobo.

  • RoR development (tikktakk.com)
  • rspec & selenium tests
  • agile development, scrum

Technologies used: RoR, MySQL, hobo, rspec, selenium, Git, chef, aws, payment gw

2003 – 2008

GTS Novera, Prague. Contract.

Nationwide telecommunications operator and managed services provider which provides at guaranteed quality levels a complex portfolio of voice, data, hosting, Internet and ICT services. (www.gtsnovera.cz)

Used my knowledge and skills to create and support data accounting application. It fetched data from Cisco and others SNMP enabled routers into huge database, then it was summarized and used further. Definitely started with Ruby on Rails in commercial environment and developed management application for VoIP switchboard.

  • applications for network traffic monitoring using SNMP (data accounting)
  • application for management of VoIP switchboard (based on RoR)

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, perl, RoR, Cisco, SNMP, XML, ansi c, testunit, SOAP/WSDL,SVN, Linux


Started to use RoR


My freelance career

I’m focused on software development, specialized rendering software reselling and custom solutions. Worked for various clients, the most interesting experience was developing software for CNC drilling/boring machine, to keep all the tools sharp, usable and in order, keep tool chain balanced and report tool usage. Although I mostly worked on web applications, I taught myself mobile technologies by starting developing in ObjectiveC.

  • created various websites using PHP and MySQL (ikariera.cz, zwembaden-cbc.be, alkemade-bulbes.fr, senio.cz, e-shop solution Gesto, pneuhuski.cz, stale.cz, konjunktura.cz, buydirect.cz, …)
  • warehouse management, maintenance management (RoR)
  • e-shops (PHP, MySQL)
  • Microsoft AER certificate
  • 3D modeling and visualisation (Rhino3D, Maxwell Render)
  • Tool management for CNC machines (Heidenhain iTNC530 system), using LSv2 protocol
  • PLC coding for single-purpose machines (Siemens LOGO!, Schneider Electric/Honeywell)
  • iOS development (own and for customers – Mzdy a Penize, Pražská plynárenská)
  • RoR development

Technologies used: Linux (administration), ansi c, c++, objective C, PLC, PHP, RoR, Akelos, Kohana, assemblers (Z80, 8080, 8088, 80×86, RISC), perl, python, Maxwell Render, Rhino3D, openvpn, SNMP, nginx, NFS/CIFS, LDAP, Sendmail, Exim, SSH, Cactus, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, SVN, Git, payment gateways, RubyMotion

1998 – 2002

Datron, Ceska Lipa.

Local ICT services provider, providing application development, learning and certification. (www.datron.cz)

Started to work in Datron after our successful cooperation. Developed various applications for customers, provided courses and lessons. Created ticket support system for SLA agreements, widely used by most company customers. I established and managed internet service provider node as a secondary activity. It included setups, monitoring and configuration changes on Cisco routers. Earn Microsoft certificates (MCP, MCP+I, MCSE, MCT).

  • application developer (ASP, PHP, perl, c++)
  • database engineer (MS SQL, mysql, pgsql)
  • internet administration (wifi lastmile) – managing nodes, configurations, Cisco routers, bandwidth management and user accounting, created own SNMP solution for WaveLan wifi devices

Technologies used: ASP, PHP, Microsoft IIS, MS SQL, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, ActiveDirectory, SNMP, Cisco, perl, c++, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SCO, Linux, SVN


my very first e-shop B2C solution with ASP/MSSQL/IIS


my first website and own domain


started with Linux (Slackware), running notebook 486DX4


I know what internet is. Started using BBS (EagleBBS)

Preschool, school and highschool experiences

  • 1994 IDE for 8080 assembler, including crosscompiler to HEX format – to use in  school 8080 simulator. TurboPascal 6
  • 1993 wrote IDE for assembler 80×86, including 10.000 lines of available documentation and integrated debugger. Attended high school competition on country level. TurboPascal 6, TASM
  • assembler 8088, 8080, PC DOS. Wrote various applications (file managers like ‘nc’, tried viruses, graphic demos, drivers etc)
  • 1990 got my very first PC – Zenith Z-159 PC/XT with 8088, 5 1/4″ Floppy and 20MB MFM HDD. It has 10″ monochromatic HCG/CGA monitor (orange/black)
  • coding in assembler for z80 (really loved that)
  • since 1987 experiences with Ondra, PP01, AMD85, IQ151 (incuding FELNet), Didaktik Gama (Z80 clone), ZX Spectrum 128

Technologies I’m using

ruby • RubyOnRails • scrum • agile development • REST API • TDD • BDD • redis • mongodb • mysql • ruby gems • haml/sass • git/svn • github • pivotal tracker • JIRA • capistrano • ObjectiveC • SQL • JavaScript • node.js • JSON • CoffeeScript • HTML • XML • PHP • assembly language • perl • Windows • Unix • unix administration • OSX • networking • TCP/IP • Cisco routers • SNMP • vim • chef • aws • HTML • CSS • SASS • LESS • rubymotion • haproxy • nginx • passenger • elasticsearch • fluentd • graphite


  • flying helicopters – PPL(H) license and preparing to get my commercial pilot rating (ATPL/CPL)
  • baking and cooking, I love chocolate :)
  • microelecronics – building system for inteligent house – control & monitor (Atmel ATmega family, STM32 – Cortex M0/M3, rasbperry Pi)


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