Upgrade autoconf+automake in OSX

Just to check which versions do you have:

[shell] $ autoconf -V autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.68 $ automake –version automake (GNU automake) 1.11.1 $ m4 –version GNU M4 1.4.6 $ libtool -V Apple Computer, Inc. version cctools-782 [/shell] Prepare “wrapper dir” [shell] sudo mkdir /usr/local/upgraded [/shell]

Open & edit file “/etc/paths” and add “/usr/local/upgraded/bin” as a first line, so then your /etc/paths should look like

[shell] $ cat /etc/paths /usr/local/upgraded/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin /usr/local/bin [/shell]

And now at first, upgrade [shell] $ cd /tmp $ curl -O http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/m4/m4-latest.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf m4-* $ cd m4-* $ ./configure –-prefix=/usr/local/upgraded $ make $ sudo make install $ cd .. [/shell]

and for [shell] $ curl -O http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/autoconf/autoconf-latest.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf autoconf-* $ cd autoconf-* $ ./configure –-prefix=/usr/local/upgraded $ make $ sudo make install $ cd .. [/shell]

next for [shell] $ curl -O http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/automake/automake-1.11.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf automake-* $ cd automake-* $ ./configure –-prefix=/usr/local/upgraded $ make $ sudo make install $ cd .. [/shell]

and for [shell] $ curl -O http://mirrors.kernel.org/gnu/libtool/libtool-2.4.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf libtool-* $ cd libtool-* $ ./configure –-prefix=/usr/local/upgraded $ make $ sudo make install $ cd .. [/shell]

then you could check versions again…

PS: If you’re not using vim or other console editor (capable of sudo), try this [shell] $ cp /etc/paths ~/Desktop/ — here open file "paths" from Desktop with you favourite text editor, edit and save — $ sudo cp ~/Desktop/paths /etc [/shell]

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