capistrano3: run gem binary

I need to setup deploy task to run eye. Tried to deal with gem-wrappers, but had no success. As capistrano3 is using non-interactive ssh, without loading user’s environment (.profile, .bashrc etc), then command, which is not in PATH, it’s not workin.

So, after searching and reading capistrano (capistrano/rvm) source, then sshkit source, I got into this simple solution.

It’s not dependent on any other settings nor knowing what, where rvm is installed.

before change in deploy.rb (not working)

 INFO [57a66442] Running /usr/bin/env eye info on
DEBUG [46484690] Command: cd /home/deploy/app/releases/20140130214109 && ( /usr/bin/env eye info )
DEBUG [46484690] 	/usr/bin/env: eye
DEBUG [46484690] 	: No such file or directory

after change in deploy.rb

 INFO [a2f9c75f] Running /usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm default do eye info on
set :rvm_remap_bins, %w{eye}

namespace :settings do
  task :prefix_rake do
    fetch(:rvm_remap_bins).each do |cmd|
      SSHKit.config.command_map[cmd.to_sym] = "#{SSHKit.config.command_map[:gem].gsub(/gem$/,'')} #{cmd}"

after 'rvm:hook', 'settings:prefix_rake'

original code from capistrano is

SSHKit.config.command_map[:rvm] = "#{fetch(:rvm_path)}/bin/rvm"

rvm_prefix = "#{fetch(:rvm_path)}/bin/rvm #{fetch(:rvm_ruby_version)} do"
fetch(:rvm_map_bins).each do |command|

set :rvm_map_bins, %w{gem rake ruby bundle}

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